Loved By Emily Presets 10 Pack

Loved By Emily Presets 10 Pack


A 10 pack of custom Lightroom presets designed and created by me, for you!

  • Loved By Emily ‘A Splash of Colour’

  • Loved By Emily ‘Bubbly’

  • Loved By Emily ‘Colour Pop’

  • Loved By Emily ‘Light & Airy’

  • Loved By Emily ‘Lively’

  • Loved By Emily ‘Moody’

  • Loved By Emily ‘Neutral & Soft’

  • Loved By Emily ‘Pastel’

  • Loved By Emily ‘Raw’

    The majority of my presets are created to my taste and style so that you can edit your images exactly how I do.

    However, as there are 10 different presets included in this pack, they each have their own individual look so that you can get creative and produce beautiful images to your own style and taste, not just mine!

Disclaimer: Loved By Emily presets are non refundable. Once you have the files there is no way for me to cancel them. To use your presets you will require a laptop or a PC to download the files and sync them to your mobile via Lightroom Desktop. If you’re only starting out, don’t stress! I have also included a guide on how to install and use your new presets.

I also create custom Presets, if you are after something specific to make your images pop send me an email and we can discuss creating some tailored to your creative needs:

Love Em x

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