Why I love our VANCHI baby bag & take a look inside!

When it comes to a baby bag, my top criteria is space, practicality and plenty of pockets and compartments!

My VANCHI nappy bag ticks all of those boxes. I can fill it with all my daily necessities for leaving the house, and I still have room!! It’s extremely spacious as you’ll see in some of the images below. My VANCHI Nappy bag (which is the Indie Holdall), has a tonne of compartments and pockets where I can stay on top of where I put things, and avoid sifting around inside the bag when I need to grab something quickly.

With an adjustable full length pram strap it means I can also bring it out with me and not have to carry it. I simply put the strap over the pram handle and away we go!

I’m not surprised by how great of a product this is as it is the design of a mother of twin boys who at the time faced dilemmas when it came to a baby bag that was generously sized, but still glam! So, she designed the perfect nappy bag for herself and the rest of us with the utmost function in mind! It’s clear that the VANCHI brand takes pride in creating the most luxurious range of Genuine, and Vegan Leather Nappy Bags and accessories, in a range of sizes, styles and colours to suit every style savvy parent!

I’ve been stopped in the street and asked where I got my nappy bag from, it definitely sets itself aside from the crowd. It’s perfect for a busy mum on the run, it fits Alina’s lunch and daily snacks on top of everything I need for Neiko. I love our VANCHI bag! Mine is the Indie Holdall in Black !

You can also view their entire range here and find something that suits your needs, they have pram caddy’s and backpacks too!

Have a look below and let me show you why I love this bag so much!

As you can see, the quality and detail is beautiful! The bag is so soft and I love to slouch appearance of the leather.


I also love that it’s understated and has a relaxed look which compliments all of my outfits. Which is a big plus for me as you know I love my style!


The depth and space of this bag is fantastic! I used the VANCHI as my hospital bag and it fit everything I needed. So, it could also be used as the perfect overnight bag too.

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 9.44.15 am.png

As I mentioned above, the shoulder strap fits perfectly over my pram handle!

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 9.43.17 am.png

I also have the VANCHI Pram Caddy which is extremely sturdy when it comes to carrying my morning coffee! I never have a spill (which has never happened with previous pram caddy’s).

If you’re in the market for a Nappy Bag I couldn’t recommend the VANCHI Brand more! It’s perfect for what you’ll need and I promise you won’t be dissapointed. The quality and price point is excellent and you’ll be mum’ing daily in style!

This blog post was a sponsored collaboration between VANCHI OUTLOOK BABY and LOVED BY EMILY.

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