My top hacks for saving on your winter gas bill!

Winter is officially here and like many families, when it comes to keeping warm one of my first thoughts was ‘how can I save on my gas bill’ over the next three months.

With this in mind I like to plan ahead and do my best to conserve our family gas consumption. For most Australian families, including mine the money spent or the money saved can make a huge difference to the lifestyle habits we can enjoy together as a family.


As temperatures are returning to normal for the time of year, most households will be beginning to turn our heaters on and not wanting to brave getting out of our hot showers and baths!

So, here are my top tips for saving on this Winter’s gas bill!

  • Starting with the basics, I make sure that my door and window draughts are stopped up. 
  • I keep my doors closed between heated and unheated areas.
  • Have shorter showers! Or shower together… This is a popular one in our house hold. We sometimes shower together for a shorter time period.
  • When cooking I actually choose not to use my exhaust fan. The exhaust fan over your stove can pull a house-full of warm air out of your home in one hour.
  • During the day I open my curtains to capture the direct sunlight as we have great exposure to natural light in our home.

I believe we will see noticeable savings by simply making small changes and being mindful about our consumption.

Research for the best gas deal in the market! We are with Alinta Energy and when signing up they had a great range of options of us in Western Australia to choose a plan tailored to our specific usage offering choice, flexible and a discount! Which can also include flexible payment options, flexible billing options and no lock in contracts or exit fees!

With the savings we make on our gas bills I am able to put money toward saving for our family holidays, meals out, breakfasts, outings and enjoying making memories together as a family!


I’d love to hear how you save on your gas bills and the changes you have put in place like me, so that you can enjoy spending your money on your family!

Emily TominiComment