The Pram I've Chosen For Baby Number 2!

For some reason deciding on what to do in regards to a pram for when bub comes along would just cause me a headache each time I’d think about it! I put off the decision making process for quite some time.

There were just too many options and each one would confuse me haha!

‘Should I keep the single pram, purchase a bassinet and get a skateboard attachment for Alina?’.

‘Should I get a double pram which Alina will have to sit at the bottom of?’.

‘Do I get a double side by side and deal with the anxiety that is navigating cafe’s and shopping centers with the pram version of a minivan?’.

After much deliberation I have decided on a double and a single!

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 2.39.49 PM.png

As you know I have loved our Babybee Pram since I first purchased our Comet online before Alina was born. We were since gifted a Babybee Rover and it’s served us very well! I am not going to stay with our babybee pram as it is a little too bulky for me if I am to use it for a newborn and have a skateboard attachment on the back for Alina to ride along on. And Babybee don’t do a double pram!

Because Alina still uses her pram a lot, having a pram simply just for bub would not have worked for us.

(Disclaimer: Both of the below prams have been gifted in collaboration with Maxi Cosi I am extremely lucky to get these opportunities and sharing my experience with you all).

The Dana For2 Stroller

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 2.46.26 PM.png

I had been looked at all of the different types and styles of double prams and have decided on a side by side. The Dana For2 Stroller for the below reasons;

  • Alina would HATE to be on the bottom. It seems very restrictive and I just feel there would be lots of complaining, whining and wanting to get out OR wanting to be on top where baby is haha.

  • She will be able to be next to her brother which if I have their seats facing one another she will feel more included and able to interact with him, hence she’ll be happier to sit for longer. I will be able to manage both children easier (here’s hoping).

  • I plan on doing LOTS of walking to get back into shape and work on my fitness so I feel a side by side would be great for this reason. Hence the above, I will hopefully have Alina more interested in staying in the pram.

The Laika Compact Stroller

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 4.23.20 PM.png

The reason I have decided to move away from our Babybee Rover is because I feel I will need something much more lightweight and compact, it’s not an over the top heavy pram but it will still be too bulky for how I want to use it (lifting in and out of the car often, folding will be more annoying as you need to take it apart in two, it will be heavier with the skateboard attachment). So I am moving over to the Laika Lightweight Stroller. It’s extremely light, compact and it has a one hand fold (PERFECT). I plan to use this for quick trips to the cafe and the shops (which we do frequently) and use a skateboard attachment on the back for Alina. This way I can avoid the heavy lifting of a double pram in and out of the car for quick trips and errands but still have the convenience of a pram for transporting both babes.

I will use the capsule and a carry cot for the prams until baby is old enough to be transfered into an upward seat.

I am still pinching myself that I am going to be a mum of TWO in just a few months time!!

I will do a follow up review when baby is here and we’re putting the prams to use, if you’d like to be notified when this is live, subscribe below.


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