Adventures in our Babybee Rover - Pram Review


If you follow us on Instagram you would know that I have had a Babybee pram from the get go. When I was pregnant one of the first items on my list was a pram. I didn't have a big budget and every time I found a pram I liked it was 1-2 times my budget. I ended up googling $500 prams at the time and this is how I discovered Babybee Prams! I almost clicked out of the website right away because they were so nice looking I thought there is no way they'd be in my price range. When I saw the price was in fact affordable for me the fact that it was online and not available in a store didn't bother me because they had a wonderful return policy! So, I purchased our Babybee Comet in 2015 and I never looked back! 

Two and a half years on and Babybee Prams have already come such a long way when it comes to style and innovation however the price has remained affordable for your everyday mother, like me! I have formed a great relationship with the brand and having the platform that I do and being an original owner of the Babybee Comet I was thrilled when they gifted me the Rover! I'm so grateful to be able to share a product that I genuinely love and I know others will too. I would 100% have purchased the Rover and I plan on getting the additions when baby number 2 comes along one day!

Over the years I have had many questions in relation to our Babybee and this blog post is in relation to our experience with the Rover. If you're in the market for a sleek, stylish and sturdy pram you should absolutely consider the Babybee Rover and here's why;


- The frame is strong and sturdy! It's easy to navigate and I'm really loving the button on the handle to adjust the length up and down.

- The frame is super easy to fold and put into standing position. It's also extremely lightweight! I leave the seat connected to the pram when I fold and unfold it out of the boot of my car and it's an extremely simple one step task. I've done it plenty of times one handed (which is tricky but has saved me in some situations where I've had to hold Alina. 

- The frame is extremely compact when folded and fits perfectly with the seat in the boot of my car. I have an Elantra Trophy which doesn't have the biggest boot and it fits in there with some room still available.

- The canopy system is AMAZING! It's thick and great quality, when it's pulled down Alina's little head is protected from the sun and it's been great on the occasions she has fallen asleep. It's extremely easy to pull up and down in one simple movement yet doesn't disturb her if she is napping. Also because she is 2 now and quite tall she still has plenty of room with the canopy shade down. 

- The seat is comfortable and easy to recline with the pull of a leaver on the back of the head of the seat. The seat's foot rest is also adjustable and accommodation to bubs height!

- The tyers are great and extremely durable, easy to maneuver and have never given us a problem no matter what terrain we're adventuring on! They have even worked great on solid sand by the beach, gravel, in wet conditions, pebble paths etc.

- The basket has a lot of room! I can fit my large nappy bag, a full grocery back/2 full shopping bags and still have extra room to put Alina's shoes or a toy etc.

- I think it's an extremely stylish and sexy pram and I am often stopped and asked what brand it is and where I purchased it from. People are always shocked when I tell them the price.

I hope this has answered some questions for you and helped you to make a decision on your upcoming pram purchase!

Love Em x


(This blog post was an unpaid collaboration with Babybee Prams, all views and opinions in this blog post were solely those of Emily Tomini's.)