Pram Love - Our Babybee Pram

To be honest I didn't spend all that much time researching prams... I went to a few baby stores and felt fed up after every style I liked was well out of my price range! That's when I searched online...

I found the Babybee Comet! After looking through the photos I wasn't even going to bother checking the price as I thought it would be too expensive! That's when I was pleasantly surprised, it was under my budget! At under $500 it included everything I was after. A bassinet, a stroller seat, both bassinet and stroller seat could be rear and forward facing! It was compact and came with so many extras! You could chose from a number of different colour packs and had the choice of a black or silver frame!

I wasn't nervous about buying online as I'd read some really great reviews and had stalked their Instagram for 'real photos'.

When our pram arrived it was everything I was after and I was so excited to have the pram I wanted! I think as a new mum that's one of the most exciting buys!

We've had our Babybee going on a year now and I have no complaints! As you know, Alina and I are constantly on the run! The pram is in and out of the car at least 3 times a day and it's so easy to fold up and down. I've done it one handed in a few occasions while having a screaming clingy baby, so that says something about its convenience!

It fits perfectly in our boot and at times has had to do a trip in the front seat too! We have an Elantra Trophy so it's not a big car either.

I purchased air tyres as an extra in the beginning so that the ride would be smoother when Alina was in the bassinet as a new born! Best decision! We've switched to the non-air tyres now and they're perfect for our activities outdoors! Another thing I love about our pram is that it's extremely sturdy! I can fit a good amount of weight in it, shopping, nappy bag etc!

Another plus is that my nappy bag fits over the handle of the pram! I have the strap on the tightest setting and just hang it over!

Did I mention it has two cup holders?! I assume they're for water or bottles but I use them for my coffeeeeee!

The break system is fantastic and easy to use! It has front and back breaks so you can lock the front wheels and the back.

What I love most about our pram is the option to constantly change it up! We have different colour packs so it feels like you have a new pram every couple of weeks haha!

Also we get so many compliments on our pram! People always ask what brand it is and where I get the seat liners etc! When I tell them we got it online and how much it was, they are so glad they asked! And I'm so glad we found our Babybee Pram!

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Em x