What's in my hospital bag!

Ok guys, 37+ weeks and I have finally packed our hospital bags! Many of you wanted me to share what’s in mine and baby’s so here I’ve shared the details for mummy’s and to see what’s in bubby’s you can find it here.



I found the perfect bag! It’s got the space of the magical Mary Poppins bag and is stylish and chic. Exactly what I need because as we all know, no one packs light for a hospital bag haha. VANCHI Nappy Bags pride themselves on creating the most luxurious range of Genuine, and Vegan Leather Nappy Bags and accessories, in a range of sizes, styles and colours to suit every style savvy parent.

VANCHI is the cumulative result of two genuine dilemmas faced by its founder Sarah Van Bentum in 2005, when she discovered she was expecting twin boys. VANCHI aspires to create distinctive pieces of luxury for today’s mum. VANCHI takes pride in producing unique and versatile nappy bag designs – their collection includes genuine and faux leather options, a range of sizes, colours and styles to suit every taste

VANCHI bags and accessories have been designed with the utmost function in mind, from the bag design itself, to the accessories we pack in them. Pockets in all the right places, a range of sizes for newborn, right through to toddler stage. VANCHI’s 3 top selling bags, The Indie, Tuscan and Florence are the perfect size for families with multiples or siblings close in age that need a little more size on their side!

Not only is this bag perfect for after my Hospital stay as a baby bag, but it can also be used as an overnight bag for anyone! Plus, the price point is very affordable.

To see the bag I chose and shop VANCHI click here



Being a second time mum I feel like I’ve definitely packed more efficiently this time so you're in luck! Everything in here is a MUST HAVE for any new mother.

  • Toiletries Bag
    - I purchased travel sized bottles (from Kmart) and filled them with my cleanser, moisturiser & body wash
    - A small bottle of cocoa butter body lotion to keep hydrated after bub is born and I’ve managed to shower. There’s nothing worse than that dry skin feeling from hospital air con (especially since I plan on a water birth and last time I forgot my body lotion ahhhh).
    - I grabbed a travel sized tube of toothpaste
    - Tooth Brush
    - Hair Brush
    - Lip Balm
    - Hair Ties
    - I’ll pop my foundation & mascara and hair dryer in when we’re about to leave home

  • Slippers

  • A pretty robe, because why not feel nice after birth! Plus a robe is great if you get a little cold in your room!

  • Two pairs of comfortable pyjamas

  • Three nursing bra’s

  • Six pairs of GIANT granny knickers (you’re going to be wearing maternity pads the size of a king mattress, not to mention in pain so you will want to be comfortable in terms of knickers down there).

  • Diffuser & Oils for labour
    - My oils are from The Calming Mama

  • Pack of 15 Maternity Pads

  • Breast pads (I have reusable breast pads this time around).

  • Nipple cream

  • Ice Packs for my boobs and my hoo-ha from Ice Ice booby

  • Ural (Ural helps to neutralize the acid in the urinary tract, this helped me tremendously when it came to going to the toilet after birth and the awful burning and stinging from the acid in your urine. It made thing’s A LOT more comfortable during recovery down there. You can purchase it from any chemist and the hospital should have some too).

  • NursElet - A mamas most supportive tool in making brain fog and breastfeeding easier! It reminds you which side is next to feed and hold your top up off of baby’s face , ensuring you don’t have to spend huge dollars on a new breastfeeding wardrobe. I grabbed one from Zoe Sage

  • A water bottle

  • Snacks
    - Trail Mix & Museli Bars

  • Mini portable speakers so I can play my birthing tracks (you can follow my Spotify playlist here)

  • My photo ID, Medicare Card, Hospital forms and birth plan ( if you have one, i don’t).

  • Phone Charger

  • A comfortable outfit for leaving hospital

  • My own pillow! I wish I’d done this last time.

  • Something to birth in that you can throw away later, personally I birthed in only a bra and will do this again but if you’re not like me then this is always a good idea as you don’t want to buy something nice only to have to toss it!

  • My breastfeeding pillow

  • My own towel


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