What's in baby's hospital bag!

In terms of baby’s bag, the necessities are what’s important! I over packed for Alina and this time around I’ve been much more practical.

Baby’s nappy bag is Spark of Wild

  • x3 thin muslin wraps for swaddling

  • A blanket thick enough to keep bubs warm if it gets a little cool in the hospital room

  • A thin, breathable blanket

  • Nappies ( I’ve packed 10 as I only plan to be in hospital no longer than 24hrs)

  • Wipes

  • Nappy cream

  • Onesies
    - x2 Singlet onesies
    - x2 T-shirt onesies
    - x1 Long sleeve onesie
    - x1 Bonds Wonder Suit

  • Booties (if it gets cold in the hospital)

  • Beanie (if it gets cold in the hospital)

  • Safety approved car seat/capsule installed (the hospital won’t let you leave without one).

  • Coming home outfit (we’ll just have him in whatever is most comfortable).

    To view what’s in my hospital bag , click here

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