The end of my and Alina's breastfeeding journey.

The last blog I posted on this was in April this year. It’s been some time since I shared anything on this topic. Towards the end of our breastfeeding journey I guess you could say I became more private about it. For no other reason than the fact I wanted to savor it as I felt it was going to finish up soon and to be honest… People do judge when you share pictures of children who can chew a good steak also having mumma’s milk! So I held back on sharing the last chapter of our journey.

I get asked quite often if I still feed Alina as being quite open with sharing our journey I just ‘stopped’ sharing at a certain point.

From the second Alina was born she was a little boobie monster and it was my absolute favourite thing to breastfeed her! We were lucky we had no issues and it was a completely beautiful experience. 

Fast forward two years and we were still going strong, it did get to the point however where I started to wonder how I could commence the process of weaning her. She was still waking for it through the night, simply for comfort and it was just a little too much.

There is so much support and pressure to successfully breastfeed, to persevere and the good old ‘breast is best.’ When you’re pregnant you’re often asked by family, friends and medical professionals if you’re going to breastfeed. There are beautiful images shared on the internet and plenty of advice but there is literally nothing on how to stop. 

So, having no idea on how to wean her aside from denying her (which would cause us both so much stress) I decided to just let her keep boobing! At this point in time I wasn’t telling people whether we were or weren’t feeding but when I was asked the reaction was often ‘when do you think you’ll stop’ and I honestly had no idea. I started to become quite embarrassed (which in hindsight was ridiculous) and felt more pressure to stop. 

When we fell pregnant I was still feeding Alina I could ‘feel’ our journey was going to come to an end because my milk was drying up. She was around 2years and 7 months. Then one day she just never asked for it and I never offered it! I didn’t get to ‘savor’ our last feed. There was no special moment, no stress or pressure. One day, we just stopped!

I honestly wish I hadn’t put so much pressure on myself and just enjoyed the last of our special time because I didn’t believe it would happen so easily… But, I’m glad it did! When she was good and ready and on her terms! That was always my goal :)

So to any mother who is struggling to feed, who never breastfed, who bottle fed, who’s still feeding, who has just weaned. It is all our own personal journey, it’s beautiful and natural to us and our baby no matter how we feed them!

I look forward to sharing my feeding journey with baby boy, whatever it shall be!

Lots of Love,

Em x

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