Neiko's Birth Story

Four weeks ago on the 22nd January at 6.52am our gorgeous son Neiko Wolfe entered the world.

If you followed along on my pregnancy journey you would have seen that I had gone over 41 weeks pregnant with Neiko and I was extremely nervous about having to be induced. I was quite nervous about the possibility of being induced as I didn’t want any drugs or medical intervention and I was hoping for a water birth again.

If I didn’t start labour naturally before 42 weeks I would be booked in to be induced, which means that I wouldn’t be able to have my water birth and I would be very restricted and unable to use my other choice of pain relief, the shower. This created a lot of fear around what was going to come and how all of this would go because I had been told that induction was a lot more intense and would often lead to medical intervention.

On the 20th January I was booked in to be induced three days later on the 23rd at 12pm. I had accepted that this would be my experience and decided to look forward to it and just go with the flow and surrender to what was meant to be! We planned to enjoy Alina’s birthday the day before and on the morning of the 23rd go out for breakfast, drop Alina at our in laws and head over to the hospital to be induced.

I was also relieved that I would be able to spend Alina’s 3rd birthday with her. Because I was booked in to be induced I took that as a guarantee I’d be giving birth on the 23rd and I could make plans to be with my baby girl on her birthday.

Well, baby boy had other plans!

On the 22nd of January just after 12am I started to have period like cramps that made me go ‘woah’ this feels like early labour going off of what I experienced in labour with Alina. That night Alina was quite unsettled and stayed up quite late so by the time she went to bed my husband and I set up her presents and decorations for her birthday so that she had it all to wake up to. I told my husband that no joke, I think I was in early labour and he laughed and said I was like ‘the boy who cried wolf’ but with labour haha. Since about 38 weeks pregnant each time I’d experience a little niggle or painful Braxton Hicks I’d tell him that I thought I may be in early labour. So we laughed it off!

We continued putting up balloons while watching a movie and by 1.30am I was having steady, intense contractions that were very close together. Not long after 1.30am Alina woke up and was unsettled again (which was not like her). I told my husband that my contractions were getting more intense and I think we needed to call my mother in law to let her know to expect us over at some point.

Our plan for if I went into natural labour was to drop Alina with my in laws on the way to the hospital. And if I went into labour on Alina’s birthday (low and behold) then we would bring her presents there and they would give her a magical day!

After we called my mother in law we slowly started getting prepared to leave. Hubby loaded the car while I continued to labour. I was going back and forth from having full on contractions to kissing and soaking up Alina because I was so upset that I’d be missing her third birthday! We woke Alina to tell her what was happening, that she was going to Grandma and Grandpa’s and she would have the best birthday and mummy was going to the hospital to bring her baby brother into the world. By 2am we were on our way to my in laws. (I actually went into labour with Alina at 2am on the 22nd January 2016, what are the chances).

We arrived at my in law’s around 2.30am and put Alina to bed. I continued to have more intense contractions and we all decided that it was time to go to the hospital. So, off we went around 3am.

As we were driving to the hospital we noticed the moon, it was the most beautiful full moon. We later learned it was ‘The Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse’.

We arrived at the hospital from memory around 3.30am. We walked to the MAFAU unit between contractions, they were so intense at this point I was starting to become really exhausted and the pain was getting to me. When we arrived we were taken through to be assessed, I was only 4cm dilated but given this was my second birth they wanted to keep me as things usually progress quicker. I stayed in the assessment room and continued to labour until they took me through to the birthing suit while they got the pool ready for me. I was sooooo relieved to get to the shower, I could finally use some pain relief as I was really struggling and I’d hit the stage where I was feeling quite out of control and panicky (hello transition stage). I remember being on my knees in the shower, leaning on the shower chair and with each contraction my body was drawing my baby down and I could feel that ‘pushing’ sensation! I remember calling out for the midwife and saying that I was having the urge to push with each contraction.

The midwife checked me and I had gotten to 8cm dilated and they were happy for me to get into the pool. So, off we went to the birthing pool. The second I entered the water I felt instant relief and calm wash over me, the room was so quiet and peaceful. I remember thinking to myself' ‘This is it, I am going to meet my son soon. Let’s do this!’

It wasn’t long since being in the birthing pool that I was starting to push and bear down with each contraction. I remember being extremely vocal as I pushed with each surge and felt a massive POP and there went my waters! After my waters broke I really started pushing with each contraction and with one really intense surge I felt Neiko crowning, the midwife told me that his head was right there and I really needed to do my best to get his head out with the next push. I remember looking at my husband and saying that I couldn’t do it. I was so physically exhausted I didn’t think I had the energy left to push through. But when the next contraction came my body kicked in and did it for me, with one massive push I felt Neiko’s head come out and this huge feeling of relief. With the next contraction I pushed and out came our beautiful boy. I just grabbed him and put him to my chest and leaned back in the pool crying the happiest tears. This was my baby boy, this was the moment I fell in love again in the deepest way possible. I did it, we did it!!

After leaving the pool we went back to the birth suit to have skin to skin and clean up. I didn’t need any stitches this time as I just had some minor grazes.

It got to around 8.30am and hubby left to go home and get some rest and Neiko and I went to our room. I was on cloud 9, absolutely besotted and so loved up! I was getting updates from family about how Alina was spending her birthday and it made me so happy to see her having such a beautiful time. She was absolutely spoilt and that afternoon I knew I’d get to see my big three year old and she’d get to meet her baby brother! I still can’t believe my babies share the same birthday!

Around 5pm my hubby came in with Alina and it was the most beautiful moment! She entered the room and walked right up to the little cot and spoke to him just like she’d speak to my tummy! She turned to me and said ‘awwww, thank you mum! I love him’ haha! It made my heart burst with pride and I realised what a gift I have just given to them both, the gift of a sibling - our beautiful Neiko Wolfe.

See below the beautiful moments captured by my gorgeous friend Photography by Cassy

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