My journey to falling pregnant with baby number two!

Earlier on in the year I shared a little about our journey to trying to conceive after my miscarriage in November last year.

We started trying again in January this year and after a few months of no luck I started to wonder if it was because I was still feeding Alina and perhaps that was affecting conception.

I had been tracking my ovulation via an app, eating well, obviously not drinking alcohol (as I don't drink), I'm a non smoker, I was having regular cycles but nothing was happening. 

I ended up investing in an ovulation test and it turned out the app I was using was wrong and I was ovulating two weeks later than I thought I was!

When you really want a baby and it's all you think about, trying to fall pregnant can become all consuming! Your stress levels go up with each month your period comes, you're hell bent on making sure you're intimate at the right time and it kills the romance and can become more of a chore. This eventually drove me up the wall and my hubby was over it too so we both decided to just have a break from 'trying' 

The month we relaxed on it, was the month we fell pregnant!

I have had so many questions in relation to what I changed/implemented to fall pregnant and I've compiled a list below.

Please remember we are all so different and it honestly is something that will happen when it's meant to. I am very fortunate that it happened relatively quickly and easily as I know this is not the case for everyone.

I haven't had any fertility struggles! Some women have to go through so much to fall pregnant and I know first hand how hard and emotional it can be for them so with this in mind I'm purely sharing what I implemented to assist me in falling pregnant naturally with no fertility issues!

  • I started taking pre-conception multi vitamins
  • I started drinking fertility tea. I honestly cannot say for sure that this did anything to assist me to fall pregnant but it was something I was drinking everyday. The tea I had was
    Your Tea Fertility Tea
  • I started tracking my ovulation with an ovulation kit, this helped me to know that 1 - yes I was ovulating and 2 - exactly when I was ovulating for the best chance of conception that cycle. The kit I used was Clear Blue Digital Ovulation Test 
  • I didn't wean Alina or drop any feeds/feed any less
  • I was taking Blue/Green Algae, Spirulina and Astaxanthin Capsules daily 
  • I was doing light exercise everyday in the form of a daily walk and some free weights at home
  • I drank a bottle of Kombucha daily to assist with my gut health
  • Sleep! I was actually getting a great amount of sleep as Alina has gotten better at sleeping through the night.

So, if you're trying for a baby and are about to embark on this crazy journey I wish you all the baby dust and good luck!

loved by emily pregnancy number 2

Love Em xx