Alina's Sleep Update at 2 years, 8 months

If you’ve followed our journey from the beginning you’d know that I have really struggled with Alina and her sleep (lack of).

As a new mother I created sleep associations that really bit me in the bum! I breastfed her to sleep and up until about 2 months ago (now that my milk has dried up due to pregnancy) I still cuddle her to sleep each night.

I get asked daily to share how Alina sleeps now, because you see me sharing that she sleeps a full night in her bedroom now (woohoo!).

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I moved Alina into her own room around August 2017, in her cot. She would still wake multiple times a night and need feeding to be resettled. It got too much for me constantly going back and forth from my room to hers between 3-7 times throughout a night that I ended up just letting her sleep in our bed from her first wake up. That’s how our co-sleeping began.

Just after Christmas, before her second birthday I noticed that when I’d put her down in her cot she was waking more and more because she was too big for it. Hitting her head on the rail (she moves around so much in her sleep) or getting her foot stuck etc. So, I decided to get her a big girl bed. Since she slept so much better in ours, surely she’d sleep better in a bigger bed as opposed to her cot.

When I first put her in her big girl bed her wakings dramatically went from 3-7 a night to only one or two! What I truly feel has gotten us to sleeping through the night is the fact I chose to drop her day naps around 2.3 months old!

Alina would wake around 8.30am, not nap until 2/3pm and then wake around 4.30/5.30pm and not go to sleep until closer to midnight! It was just ridiculous and I couldn’t do it any longer. Dropping her day nap happened quite easily, she would get a little grumpy toward 4.30pm and we’d just ride it out until bedtime and = a full night sleep!

Alina now goes to bed anywhere from 8pm-9.30pm and sleeps through most days until 7.30/8.30am!

Our nightly routine consists of;

  • Quiet time from around 5pm, she draws/plays with her dolls house/reads books or watches a movie while I cook dinner.

  • We eat dinner around 6.30/7.30pm

  • After dinner Alina has a bath with candles on and the bathroom light off, we put on calming music and lavender oil in the diffuser in her room.

  • After bath time I get her dressed after a little massage in her room where it’s also dimly lit.

  • After she’s dressed we either go down stairs and read stories or cuddle with her dad and she’ll often fall asleep on one of us or I go and sit in my bed with her and she’ll drift off on me while I read and cuddle her.

  • Once she’s asleep I pop her in her bed and don’t usually see her until the next day.

  • On the odd occasion she wakes through the night she just comes into our room and sleeps with us which I love!

So, there you have us! Almost three years later and I finally get some quality sleep! Just in time to be having a new baby and going through sleep deprivation all over again haha!


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