My entire pregnancy I had lists coming out of my ears! The things I needed to buy, the baby books I needed to read, the classes I needed to attend. Tiny Hearts were on my list, for me it was so important to become qualified in first aid. It was also another thing on the list that I never 'got around' to doing.

Fast forward to almost four weeks ago and I was sitting down with the family eating dinner. Alina was in her high chair and she was sucking on a piece of apple I had given her. I made her giggle and all of a sudden my giggling 8 month old was staring at me with the widest eyes and unable to take a breath in. Her face was going bright red and I knew she was choking.She had bitten a piece of apple off and it was in her mouth (I didn't know). She'd breathed it in when I had made her laugh. All I remember was it felt like forever but in a matter of seconds I had jumped out of my chair while everyone at the dinner table was watching in shock, I picked her up and did what you were supposed to do in a choking situation. Alina was ok afterward, but that was only due to sheer luck.

I had no idea what I was doing, I acted on adrenaline and it just so happened to be that I did what you are meant to do. What if I didn't, what if I couldn't help her and I wasn't sitting here writing to you that everything was ok. That was an indescribable feeling and it makes me angry that I waited for such an unfortunate event to make me realise that I was never going to chance a situation like that again. I was going to equip myself with the knowledge I needed to ensure my daughter would be safe in my care.

That's when I got in touch with the gorgeous Chloe at Tiny Hearts First Aid ( Not only were they happy to facilitate a private session for myself and my friends and family members. They genuinely showed concern for my situation, they showed empathy and it was extremely comforting to know that I would be conducting my training with a company who is so passionate about infant first aid. As a new mother, you want to do the best for your baby. To feel so taken care of was so refreshing and comforting.

Our AMAZING trainer Claire who is also a mother facilitated the training so well and it was so nice to have a fellow mother who understood all of our questions and concerns. Almost all of us had our babes with us and Claire and the Tiny Hearts team were so accommodating with the children. It was great to not have to stress about putting them into care and having them with us made it easier on us breastfeeding mamas! I love that we were able to bring them as I know not all training courses allow for that which makes it hard.

Going into our course I had no prior first aid training and I was extremely nervous that a lot of it would go over my head. Claire was great with answering all of my questions and offering some one on one support to each of us.

All in all, each of us left the course feeling confident and well equip with the knowledge that we would be able to act accordingly if anything 'touch wood' was to happen in the future. Not just for our children but for our family members or the general public. I am so proud to say that we are now a part of the Tiny Hearts Family!

I would recommend Tiny Hearts First Aid to anyone and everyone expecting a baby, if you need a refresher or like me need to train because you haven't gotten around to it yet! You cannot put a price on being able to save your child's life!

If you have any questions, need to buy a first aid kit or would like to make a booking you can do so by heading to their website;

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Tiny Hearts!

Em x