The Second Trimester

The start of the second trimester was full of amazing milestones.

I’d reached the 14 week mark and we’d shared our exciting news with friends and family.

I was finally showing & first starting to feel baby kick around 16 weeks. From 18 weeks onward we could see her movements and hubby got to start enjoying bonding with her too.

We got to see her again at our 19 week ultrasound which was an incredible experience to see how much she’d changed from the 12 week ultrasound and also found out at that scan that she was a girl!

Her kicks and movements are routine now and I feel so connected to her, it’s really been the most incredible past 3 months!

The three of us spend time together every night, she’ll kick away and my husband and I enjoy feeling her and watching her movements. It’s so incredible to think the little life we’ve always wondered about and wanted is now connecting with us and soon enough our sweet little girl will be here.

Reaching the 6 month mark recently was another Milestone, we were over half way there and each month from now is an exciting countdown!

Throughout my second trimester I haven’t had many of the common symptoms, I’ve been full of energy and just really able to enjoy the past three months.  I’ve been eating really well and making time to exercise, not because I’m concerned about weight gain but I know it’s beneficial to both her and I in many ways.

I made the most of this period where I feel good to shop for her nursery items, clothes, pram, baby bag etc. I’ll do a blog post on how I went about getting organised and the sites and stores I purchased from for anyone who is interested so stay tuned.

Toward the end of the second trimester I feel like I’ve grown so much! (Not just physically) but emotionally and mentally. To have the gift of pregnancy has been so amazing and  the gift of motherhood is another that I will strive to do my best at for the rest of my life. I feel sad in a way as it gets closer to the third trimester. Sad that my pregnancy will be coming to an end. I will miss all of the little baby kicks and the time where she is selfishly all mine!  I’ll never get to experience this pregnancy again. That being said I am so excited for the future and meeting our daughter and becoming the family I’ve always dreamed I’d one day have.

E xx

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