The First Trimester

For the first 6 weeks, if I hadn’t taken the pregnancy test I wouldn’t have known I was pregnant! I felt completely normal and was doing all of the things I had done before I fell pregnant. I had stopped drinking alcohol three months before we started trying, for personal reasons but it also worked out well because when I did find out I was pregnant I didn’t have to worry that I’d had a couple of sneaky drinks and add to the anxiety of the baby not having the best start.

I felt great until week 7 came around! It was as if I’d woken up one morning with the worst hangover I’ve ever had in my life, and for the entire day I was living in the bathroom with my head in the toilet bowl. I experienced not only the nausea that comes with morning sickness (why it’s called morning sickness, I do not understand as it is not limited to the morning and it is completely misleading if you feel sick past lunch time.) but the vomiting, it would happen at random times in the most unfortunate of places.

One of my fears is public humiliation, the fact that I was performing public shows of vomiting regularly were almost more mortifying than the feeling of being constantly sick! I threw up at work in the bathroom with an audience on more than one occasion, at my desk in a plastic bag while my desk buddy was holding back gags of her own, the gym, in bushes on my evening walk, at my husband’s work and in my mouth before I could make it out of the public eye! It was yucky to say the least!

We had an ultra sound at 6 weeks gestation because I had some light bleeding and the routine first trimester screening  at 12 weeks, both scans were perfectly normal and our baby was growing beautifully and healthily. It reminded me that everything I was going through was completely worth it and I would do it a thousand times over just to see that little heart beating away! I also started to show around 12 weeks and seeing my body changing made it all the more real and exciting as there was proof of the little person growing inside of me.

I had struggled with the morning sickness up until the 12 week mark. Some other symptoms I experienced was being completely put off the usual foods that I loved and literally only being able to stomach junk food, then I’d switch to only wanting to eat  fruit, especially cold oranges! Literally, you feel like you’re not in control and I didn’t feel like myself at all. I was breaking out with pimples due to the change in my diet and I wasn’t getting the nutrients I needed as I was constantly being sick. I wasn’t exercising as I was so tired all the time.

But it was like a switch that flicked. By the time I hit the second trimester I felt incredible. It really is true when they call it the honeymoon period of pregnancy. I was suddenly full of energy, I felt like myself again, I got back on track with my diet and exercise and my skin had cleared up. I wasn’t sick at all; I didn’t even feel a little bit seedy in the mornings. I was finally one of the lucky ones who could enjoy their pregnancy!

Emily TominiComment