How I found out I was expecting

I have always wanted to be a mum so when I met my gorgeous man and we got married it became even more of a calling for me. My hubby and I are planners so it was all about the right time and feeling ready as individuals to be parents. Finally the timing was right and we started trying!

When I fell pregnant it was during a really heartbreaking time in my life, my oldest and dearest friend was suffering from cancer. The last time I saw her she asked my husband jokingly when we were going to start trying for a baby, I remember I was holding her hand at the time and I just squeezed it and I said she’ll be the best aunty in the world (we had already started trying for a baby at this stage but we didn’t tell anyone). I thought the next time I see her I couldn’t wait to tell her that we were but I never got the chance. Just under a week went by and my beautiful friend passed away. It’s a day in my life I will never forget just as strongly as the day I met her. She was a huge part of my life and who I am and the heartbreak of losing her I can never explain. On the day of her funeral, I found out I was pregnant.

I took it as a sign from her as something I needed to rip me out of my grief and focus on something so beautiful and positive, the new little life inside of me.

The day I found out I had just dropped my husband off at a friend’s house and as I was driving home a thought popped into my mind to get a pregnancy test. I was only a couple of days late but something within me just said to take a test. I grabbed 3 different brands, drove home and peed on the stick.

A couple of seconds passed and the one pink line appeared, I put it down and paced the house in anticipation! When I came back, there it was! A second pink line.

 I remember thinking, this is it… this is the moment I have been dreaming about and I’m finally in it. I called my husband and told him over the phone, which I do regret as it would have been a really special moment between us if I’d waited to do a test when he was with me. In a sense I feel like I took something away from him that I got to experience but there we were, on the phone, in shock and still thinking it was too good to be true.

We went to the Dr the following Monday and it was confirmed! We were pregnant!

The most exciting journey of our lives had begun.

Emily TominiComment