I have loved following Rozalia on Instagram since I first created my account. I started following Rozalia when she was pregnant with Willow and over ver the years I've really enjoyed watching her journey.

She has a beautiful radiance about her, it goes deeper than her immaculate style and stunning looks. She is clearly a loving wife and mother with an incredible work ethic and for those reasons and more she is someone who continues to inspire me.

I have enjoyed following Roza's journey and getting to know a little about her so I thought, why not share a little of that with you!


Enjoy the read and if you're not already following Rozalia, be sure to pop on over to her account

I know you moved to Australia from Russia when you were very young. Can you tell us a little about how that experience shaped you?

We left Russia just as the USSR was breaking up so things were very tough. There was little food and everyone had to rely on coupons and food rations that the government would hand out.

Along with the food shortage there was war breaking out and the city that where I was born, Tashkent, was being invaded by Kazakhstan so it was no longer safe. My parents were trying to leave for a while but because they worked for the government it was very hard to get out. One day when my brother was at school a group of rebels from Kazakhstan drove through his school fence and started grabbing kids and cutting their ears off. It was after that incident that my parents realized we had to get out.

As my parents worked for the government we were only allowed to leave on a tourist visa. This meant that we came to Australia with one suitcase.

Where I have come from and what my family has been through has definitely shaped me and instilled a hard work ethic in me.

It has also taught me to appreciate everything and to not sit around thinking the world owes me everything. The world owes us nothing and it is up to us as individuals to go out and make a living.  My parents arrived to a country where they couldn’t speak the language; they worked their bums off sometimes working 4 jobs in one day, finished Uni all to give my brother and I a better life.

I never take that for granted.



You're a mother of one, the gorgeous little Willow and with another beautiful bundle to add to the Russian clan not far away! How did you find out you were expecting and how are you finding being pregnant a second time around?

Being my second pregnancy I noticed the early pregnancy signs straight away. It was actually when I was brushing my hair and I accidentally brushed my boob and it hurt so much that I thought I might be pregnant. I was tired and sick from early on as well so I knew the exhaustion wasn’t just from looking after Willow.

I also started to show very early so it was quite hard to hide until we got the all clear from the doctor.

Being pregnant the second time around definitely isn’t as exciting as the first. I guess you know what’s going to happen and you’ve done it before so the excitement of the ‘unknown’ isn’t there.

Its also a lot harder being pregnant when you already have a child to look after. I cant rest when I want to rest and I am so preoccupied with Willow that it doesn’t matter if my back is absolutely aching, if she wants to be picked up and carried then she is still my number one priority. I guess I am less precious second time around


I've always been in awe of your personal style, what are your three staple items for an effortless casual look?

A great pair of leather pants, an amazing leather jacket and a plain white/grey/black tee. Those three items will never date and go out of style.


Being a mum can be exhausting and sometimes you can lose track of yourself and your goals. What gets you motivated when you hit those life lulls? 

I think it’s all about booking things in advance and having something to look forward to.
It’s so easy to just sit at home all day in your trackies with a newborn and not shower or go anywhere.

Regardless how tired you are or how you feel I think its important to get up, dressed and do your make up every day.

I find that if I look terrible I feel even worse.

Also book in dinner dates and lunches with your partner/friends without your baby/kids.

It gives you something too look forward to and another reason to shower, wash your hair and put on some heels.

I personally find that when I am feeling at my worst to go out for a nice dinner and drinks instantly makes me feel human and alive again.


What would you say your idea of happiness is? 

Going to bed and being at peace with yourself. When I am having troubles that’s when I find it hard to sleep as I am thinking and thinking about the problem. For me being happy is all about going to sleep without a care in the world.


Lastly, what advice do you have to anyone who is packing their hospital bag for their first baby? Is there a must have?

Regardless if you are having a natural or a c section make sure you purchase some big black comfortable granny undies to wear in the hospital. All sorts of things will be coming out from down there so black undies are a must.

Along with comfortable clothing such as trackies and loose t shirts I would also recommend packing some items that make you feel good but are no fuss as well.

Such as a loose off the shoulder dress that you can throw on if visitors are coming. This way it makes you have a shower and freshen up so your not sitting in milk/vomit stained trackies 24/7

I also love going out and buying a really nice body wash and body moisturizer to use whilst I am in hospital and at home.

Again it’s just a small little luxury to make you feel a little bit better after going through labour.


Thank you so much for taking the time to let us get to know you a little better gorgeous!

Em x

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