Why I'm creating a capsule wardrobe + Hints and Tips to help you get started on yours!

Pic 1. Before / Pic 2. After (not the final product, still a work in progress)

This has been a little ‘work in progress’ project of mine for a few months now. The goal being to completely minimise the items of clothing that I own. To create a collection of a few essential items of clothing that don’t go out of fashion and that can then be worn with seasonal pieces. For years my shopping habits have been to purchase on ‘trend’ pieces. The issue with that, trends are constantly changing! To keep up with fashion trends means that we’re constantly spending and not getting much wear out of the items we’re purchasing. In turn, the clothing becomes clutter in our wardrobes and rarely worn.

I want to work towards living a more minimalistic lifestyle in terms of material possessions and I thought the first place to start would be my wardrobe.

I also feel that it helps in the greater scheme of things to learn to ‘let go’ of things that don’t really matter yet have such a strong impact on our life and energy. I feel happier when I open my wardrobe and see ‘less’ and also see the items of clothing that I love really does have an impact on my mood. When you go through a capsule wardrobe process or any type of minimising/declutter process you have to let go of a lot of ‘things’ and that can be difficult. But it’s all about letting go of things that are negative in your life and for me, that is clutter!

It’s a process that will also help you realise your own personal style. Be more mindful of what you purchase/spend on and feel more confident overall as you’ll create a wardrobe that fits you and makes you feel BEAUTIFUL!

Below is my printable document on how to start your journey to declutter your current wardrobe!

Don’t forget to document your process and tag me in any stories of pictures you share on Instagram! Let’s do this :)


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