My simple hacks to saving time on your laundry!

You guys! Laundry is something that has driven me CRAZY for years! Because it’s something I’ve never been able to stay on top of. No matter how hard I’ve tried! I’ve spent entire days doing loads of washing, folding, hanging only to have a massive pile re-appear days later. I see so many people say the same thing, there are so many memes and jokes on the subject, so I know I’m not a lone and this is actually worth blogging about haha! Now, I am actually not a very organised person. My pantry is a hot mess, my kitchen drawers aren’t labelled, my laundry is a shambles BUT I have organised myself via a little schedule I created over time to help me get on top of my laundry! So, here are the tips I’ve found have worked for me over time! I’ve also created a printable schedule that I have been using for months and the system works really well for me!

  1. Have a washing basket for each person in the house. I have one for myself, my husband and one combined for the kids, I also put all underwear and socks in a small hamper! This has actually taken the overwhelm out of a lot of it for me and I do loads per person which makes the sorting way easier!

  2. Do at least one load of washing a day. I do it in the morning when I get up and hang it before I leave the house.

  3. Not all worn clothing is dirty! Some clothing such as jackets, jumpers and jeans can be worn again but you don’t always want to put them away with the ‘clean’ clothes. I put these on a hook in my room to wear again.

  4. Have a basket for each persons clean clothing. I bring clean washing in and sort into each clean basket and once/twice a week will fold and put away.

  5. I wash underwear and socks seperate as it’s easier to keep the pairs from getting lost and less time consuming than grabbing them out and sorting them from a big load of washing.

  6. Save time on ironing and hanging clothes once they’re dry by hanging your clothes out on hangers! Once they’re dry you just put them away, this saved me SO much time!

  7. Have a ‘one towel’ rule per person per week (obviously gage the cleanliness of the towel as when they don’t dry fast enough they get that musty damp smell and it’s gross haha!). But if you are using a towel to dry a clean body and then hang the towel up to dry it only makes sense the towel is clean! This will lessen the amount of laundry for washing!

You can find my ‘Laundry Schedule’ here, Print Me!

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