My 15 Minute Cake Hack - For The Non-Bakers Like Myself!

Ok, no matter how many attempts, how much attention or dedication I give I am a shitty baker! I mean, it never looks let alone tastes edible! There’s one thing I can do and that is cookies (you can find that recipe here). Since Alina’s first birthday I have done a DIY cake hack that I have actually seen some other bloggers run with too! It ALWAYS gets compliments from the guests and when people as if you made it, technically you can say ‘yes’.

You will need three simple ingredients, sponge cake, icing and cake topping!

This can cost anywhere from $5 to $20, the most expensive part is always the toppers. In my case a $5 cake and $15 flowers (the flowers the most expensive part). Technically you could just pinch some flowers from across the road haha!

Here’s how I did it….

Step 1. I get the 2 Pack of Sponge Cakes from Woolies $5…

Step 2. Open Packet!

You could also get more layers, depending on the height of the cake you want etc.

STEP 3. Use whipped cream and fill between sponges.

STEP 4. Make icing or use bought icing… I made my own out of icing sugar and butter! Ice the cake and let it set. I also dusted over it with icing sugar!

STEP 5. Get your choice of cake top decorations… I used flowers purchased from Coles for $15!


Now. I’m not saying it’s the most amazing cake you’ll ever see but for the effort involved, something that’s quick and still pretty! Give it a whirl! And if you ever do, make sure you tag me… I’d love to see your take on it!

Em x

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