My 10 essential pieces to start your capsule wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is about is about owning a select collection of essential, good quality items of clothing that can be worn with seasonal pieces. The objective is to create a wardrobe with minimal items that you can piece together to produce a number of different looks! This can be through styling with seasonal pieces, accessories and mixing and matching items.

To get you started on your capsule wardrobe, I’ve put together my list of top 10 staple items you NEED in your wardrobe! Once you have the staples, you can then shop for one off pieces to add to your collection that will work to create different outfits and looks!

  1. A white Tee! We should all own a basic white Tee. It can be styled a number of ways and worn with all items to be dressed up or down (you can also get a grey or black Tee to accompany/or both).

  2. Denim jeans. You cannot go wrong with a good quality, well fitting pair of jeans!

  3. White or Black jeans, depending on your personal style you need either a white pair or a black pair of jeans. Again, they go with anything! (you could get both colours)

  4. A Biker Jacket

  5. A Blazer

  6. A blouse that can be work with the above items to create different looks

  7. A quality linen shirt, I wear my linen shirt all the time! I sized up in my shirt and wear it a number of different ways!

  8. Black leggings

  9. A quality cardigan

  10. A little black dress

Below are some of my favourite looks styled with the above items for inspiration from Pinterest.

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