Happy New Year, Baby!

The lead up to this New Year is filled with so much anticipation and excitement!! 2016 is the year we become parents (did I mention we’re EXCITED?!) in less than 3 weeks we’re guaranteed to have the beautiful little baby we’ve made together in our arms! 


I can’t wait to meet her and be able to look into her eyes and feel that connection every mother I know has spoken of. Even the thought of that moment fills me with an intense and overwhelming feeling of love, I can’t imagine how it’s going to feel when she’s born. The intrigue and wonder of what she’ll look like, what her cry will sound like, seeing her precious little hands and feet that have been wriggling away in my belly for months letting me know she’s growing and strong. It is an incredible reality to know that I am going to meet my daughter in a matter of days or weeks and that I will be a mother!


For so long the end of my pregnancy has felt a world away it’s surreal that I’m finally here and on the home stretch! I’m fortunate to have had such a healthy pregnancy and though at times it’s been a challenging journey it has been the most incredible experience so far, I still pinch myself that I’ve grown a little human. From the very beginning of my pregnancy I’ve been constantly evolving, becoming a better person and looking at life in a totally different way. Every day feels so much more meaningful and I’m focused on the future and continuing to build the life I love with my beautiful little family!


Along with the wonder and excitement of this new chapter comes the uncertainty of the unknown.

Birth is just around the corner and it’s on my mind daily, I’m quite nervous but at the same time excited for labour.

A lot of people have asked me about my birth plan, I’m keeping it very simple and going to try for a natural drug free labour whilst keeping an open mind. Obviously I don’t know what my experience is going to be so If things don’t go to plan and I find myself wanting an epidural or requiring intervention the only thing that matters to me is that my daughter is born healthy.

I decided early on that I only want my husband in the delivery room with me, I want to experience bringing her into the world just the two of us and I honestly can’t wait!


There are so many firsts for us as a couple and as individuals that her arrival will bring. I look forward to it all, even the sleep deprivation! (We’ll see how long this upbeat attitude lasts once I’m actually experiencing it haha). We’re lucky to have such a strong support network, not only do we have each other to lean on but we have amazing friends and family who genuinely want to be involved and I’m so happy for my daughter to already have so many people who love her. It’s not only friends and family that I can turn to for support but also all of the amazing people I’ve connected with over social media! That’s what I love about it, the connections you make by simply sharing parts of you that people can relate to and vice versa! I look forward to sharing this journey into motherhood with you!


So, as one door closes and another one opens into 2016 I can’t wait to welcome in the best year of our lives! I’m grateful for all of the incredible memories and milestones that were 2015, moments that have changed me forever!


For those of you who’ve followed my blog since the beginning or dropped in to read a post here and there I hope it’s bought with it something you can relate to or even just a smile or a giggle!

I’ve received all of your beautiful messages of encouragement and support since starting this blog and it’s been so rewarding, thank you :-) I’m excited to share my birth story and the beginning of this new journey with you in 2016!


Happy New Year Lovelies!



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