Are You Okay?

R U OK DAY is a fantastic initiative to bring about conversation and awareness amongst the community and social media is a wonderful platform to use. However, how many people who post via their stories or in their feeds the words R U OK? have actually personally asked someone today? Or yesterday, the day before that or even the day before that?

How often do you check in on the ones around you? Your friends, your loved ones? If you ask, do you really want to know? Do you know what to say or how to be there if the answer is no?

As someone someone who has lost my father to suicide and has watched my own husband battle with depression and being on the brink of suicide and not knowing how to be there or even being there at all. I am now a huge supporter of always being mindful and knowing what to look out for.

So instead of posting only today, for social media once a year let’s do it often. Let’s have real communication and conversation behind the scenes. My message today is to use this day as a reminder for us all to be more present in our relationships, be more aware of what to look out for and how to be there is someone’s answer is NO.

This blog is to share some resources with those who can be a support to those suffering and most importantly to you, if you are not okay.

If you feel like life is too much, if it’s all to hard and heavy. If you feel like no one cares or no one would notice if you weren’t here anymore. I am telling you please, please reach out. Reach out to your family, a Dr, an organisation or even a stranger on the internet like me! If one thing i could have told my father it would have been how much I love and need him and that is life mattered and it still does to those he left behind. Yours does too.

What to look out for if someone you love is suffering;

  • not going out anymore

  • not getting things done at work/school

  • withdrawing from close family and friends

  • relying on alcohol and sedatives

  • not doing usual enjoyable activities

  • unable to concentrate

How to ask - Visit R U OK website

You can find plenty of resources, information and support via Beyond Blue

If you are suffering please call one of the below numbers or reach out to someone you feel safe with.

Lifeline - 13 11 14
Kids Help Line - 13 11 14

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