How I deal with stress and anxiety without drinking alcohol!

It’s a common theme for many that dealing with stress equals having a drink or two! It’s the norm and it’s part of day to day life. But how often is too often and when does it become a problem? Do you try other ways of dealing with stress and anxiety before picking up a drink?

Being sober, the biggest question I’m often asked is ‘How do you deal with the daily stresses of life and emotionally difficult situations without turning to alcohol’. 

Whether you’re just interested to know or you’re interested in making some changes in regard to drinking. I thought I’d share with you how I manage the above without turning to a glass or a bottle of wine at the end of a hard day.

Now for me, I’m not your every day drinker. Alcohol has a negative effect on my life and for me drinking is not an option. So as much as some days I honestly do wish I could have a glass or a bottle but instead I have to use the below as my way of coping and it works for me!

I know for many, you’re not like me and a glass of wine or a bottle is the norm and there’s no issue. But for how many of you is this not the case? How often do you use a drink to take the edge off of a hard day?

If you find that your answer is that you drink a little too often for your liking and you’d like to cut back, here are my tips for relaxing and dealing with stress without drinking.

Move your body. The number one thing I turned to when I first got sober was exercise, I would jog or walk for kilometers to wind down at the end of the day or head to the gym for a good weight session! I found that focusing on something that would better me physically, mentally and emotionally was a great for taking my mind of the fact that I was even stressed in the first place and it filled my ‘cup’ so to speak. The amount of alcohol that I would drink made me put weight on so the fact that I cut out alcohol and incorporated exercise into my life made me see some great improvements which over all was a nice reward!

Feel your feelings! I’d use alcohol to mask my feelings. Instead of dealing with whatever was bothering me at the time I’d drink, feel better for a few hours and then wake up the next day feeling even worse. Sometimes you need to get to the root cause of whatever is causing you stress and anxiety and actually deal with it. So that you can move on and learn to better understand yourself on a deeper level. That may even involve seeing a councilor, this worked wonders for me. 

Meditation and visualization. Admittedly I thought mediation was an absolute crock, for that reason I’d never tried it. When I actually youtube’d some meditations and gave them a try I found I’d come out of them feeling lighter and more positive. I’d sleep better and was just overall happier and less anxious and stressed. 

Write. Put what’s worrying you into words. I often found I had so much going on and floating around in my head that I was never really able to put my finger on what was worrying me! When I sat down and put pen to paper I was able to get it out of my head and ultimately worked out what was affecting me and then I’d plan how I could change what I was on control of. 

Talk. open up to your partner, your family and friends. Share the load of what’s worrying you and remind yourself that you have a wonderful support network that you can lean on.

My personal experience with becoming sober is that I find my moods and emotions are a lot more stable. I no longer have big highs and super low lows, my hormones are more in check and I feel overall healthier. 
I hope you found this beneficial and cheers to health and happiness!!

Mocktails by the pool!

Mocktails by the pool!

Em x