Hello Baby Body!

When my husband and I decided to start trying for a baby I was adamant to get into the best shape I have ever been. Being quite short and my weight constantly fluctuating since puberty I thought it was a given that I would look like a little porker when I fell pregnant, so I wanted to get off to a good start by being fit and strong while keeping it up once I fell pregnant.


Four months before we started trying for a baby I made the decision to stop drinking alcohol. I started Kayla Itsines 12 Week Bikini Body Challenge, focused on eating a healthy diet, increased my supplement intake using Algae/Spirulina (natures most natural super food!) I felt the best I ever had by the end of those four months, I was physically, mentally and spiritually strong.


The first month we started trying, I fell pregnant. I put this down to pre-planning and getting my health in order first, this also gave our baby the best start in utero! She was extremely strong from day one.


I kept up my fitness throughout my pregnancy, it was nothing like my pre-pregnancy routine but I still did weights and a lot of walking. I ate well but I didn’t diet and at times had the odd takeaway, chocolate and chips. I kept up my supplement intake and didn’t adopt the ‘now you can eat for two’ excuse and I think that’s why my body put on weight as it needed to, to support our growing bub.


At the start of my pregnancy I weighed 54kg and by the end I weighed 68kg, putting on a total of 14kg during my pregnancy. A lot of people have asked if I got any stretch marks, I didn’t. I strongly believe this is due to the creams I used, Algae Oil and the Spirulina. I know a lot of research says that no matter how much care you take not to get them, if you’re going to get them then you’re going to get them. I don’t necessarily believe this as I have stretch marks due to previous weight gain in my teens so I know I’m susceptible to them and I honestly thought I would be riddled with them in pregnancy but as I said above, I put it down to my diet and skin care.


At the end of my pregnancy I had thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, I absolutely loved my pregnant body. I have actually never felt as beautiful as I did when I was pregnant. I am glad I put in the effort early on as I know it made my pregnancy experience enjoyable, contributed to my positive birth experience and the fact I was strong enough to labour naturally and without pain relief, I now also put this down to the fact my body is bouncing back so quickly. Now two weeks post partum and although I’m not getting much sleep thanks to a certain mini me I still have energy, I feel strong, I’ve healed quickly, breast feeding is successful and I haven’t experienced any baby blues!


My post-pregnancy body is obviously so different to my pre-pregnancy body and although I was the fittest I had ever been before I fell pregnant with Alina. I have never felt as body confident as I do right now, flabby belly and all! There’s something so validating about having carried a child, I feel like I’ve finally come into my womanhood. I look forward to getting back into the gym and getting my butt into shape working with this new body I’ve earned! I’m excited to document my fitness journey with you!


Below are some photos of my journey from the start of my pregnancy to now.


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