Let's Talk Boobs! Hello to my new tatas!

'Do your boobs hang low, do they wobble to and fro, can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow?'

Thank you breastfeeding! I think that's the one thing I didn't really think about up until now. What my boobs will look like once our BF journey has come to an end!

Thanks to almost a whole year of breastfeeding, the tiny perky little breasts I once had are now replaced with what resembles the two Christmas stockings we have hanging by the tree...

It's not really bothered me, I've never been one to show off my cleavage so they rarely come out in public unless I'm feeding Miss A!

After I posted the below pic yesterday I've never received so much negativity towards my physical appearance! All about my tits!

I had comments and messages about how disgusting my boobs are, who wants to see that? Why are my boobs SO saggy?

Sure, I blocked and deleted the above but it got me thinking. There was a time where these comments would have made me delete my photo! I've turned a corner when it comes to my body image and appearance, I love the skin I'm in.

It's taken me my whole life to get here! If I want to put a photo up of myself in a low cut swim suit then I fucking will! Should I hide them and be ashamed because they don't fit the mould of what most would think 'look good'. Saggy tits or not, they're a part of me! They've fed my daughter for 11 months, they're never going to look the same! For god sake, I've used them for what they were made for!

So there! That's why my boobs are so saggy, they grew to feed a baby, they stretched and changed and sustained her life for the past 11 months! It's all a small price to pay to not be able to rock a swimsuit like I used to!

Here's a middle finger to perfectionism and a fist pump to embracing our bodies and loving the shit out of them because they gave us our minis!

Em X



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