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Since you're visiting, you may want to know a little about me...

I'm a 29 year old mother of two beautiful children, Alina who’s 3.5 and Neiko who’s going on 7b months! (My babies actually share the same birthday, crazy right!).

I live in in Perth, Western Australia. It’s such a beautiful place to live, surrounded by gorgeous coastline! It’s the perfect city to raise a family.

I’ve been with my husband since I was 17 years old, we married on Valentines day in 2014 and now have our gorgeous babies.

I find happiness in the simple things and my greatest joy is my beautiful little family.

The blog was born when I fell pregnant with Alina in 2015. 

I always wanted to be a mother, cliche I know! But I have. Especially after I met my hubby, I knew right then and there I wanted a family with this incredible human! 11 years later and that little dream came true in the form of our baby girl Alina. Which if you follow us on social media you'd see her lighting up my feed and your days daily!

Alina is the best thing that has ever happened to me (aside form meeting her daddy). She is the absolute light of my life and without her I don't know where I'd be.

Another I guess you'd say 'fact' about me is that I'm a sober alcoholic. I stopped drinking at 24 right before my 25th Birthday. I made the decision to better myself and my life so that I could experience the joys in life and start living to my full potential! This decision opened so many doors for me and led me to my purpose, motherhood! 



I fell pregnant soon after my decision to live a clean life and I've never looked back.

I am a strong believer in the Law Of Attraction, that the thoughts and energy you put out into the universe is returned. I have used this belief to shape my life. Along the years all of the big, amazing things that have happened to me I believe are a sign that positive thoughts and imagining what you want is what you already have is the best way of getting it.

The inspiration behind creating the blog is that I craved a space I could come to  and document my pregnancy so that I could look back on it in years to come.

I didn't have many friends who had children yet and it was a little lonely at times going through pregnancy. Having an outlet to come to and vent my fears, concerns, thoughts and feelings definitely helped with that and so my blog became my little space for that.

Since having Alina I have been very open with sharing my motherhood journey which has lead to my blog becoming quite an open space and community for other mothers to meet and connect.

It is very rewarding and heart warming knowing that there are so many other women and mothers out there who want to spread love and positivity in a world that is so quick to judge and tear women down for our choices in motherhood. I get a lot of comments, emails and messages saying that the things I share make women feel less alone in their journey. However, it's YOU who make me feel less alone!

Starting this blog is one of the best things I've ever done!

Fast forward three years since the blog was born in 2015 and it really has grown with me. As a mother, a woman, a wife, a friend and into a business.

I am now pregnant with our second child and am able to stay home with my children and do what I love! Write, create and share love and light with you all.

I look forward to continuing to share and connect with you.

Again, thank you for stopping by and talk soon.

Em xx